Real Stories

“I love kinfest I love the fact that K can spend time being in a “normal” family environment with children in same position. I like the fact we have a whole week to have a cuppa and chat as always someone about. I’ve watched it growing from strength to strength so much I enjoy being with old friends meeting new ones also excellent for anyone that has natural children still at home they get to talk about feelings it’s a place where friendships are built & I can honestly say to spend a week with friends is priceless xx”  

“Well we have been going to Kinfest a couple of years , the first time Hubby and I and arrived with a three grandchildren we only new one family, she and her granddaughters came to stay with us after chatting on facebook, we met and hit it off, she mentioned about Kinfest, hubby and I decided to give it a go, with trepidation we set out for Kinfest, we were so welcomed in to the Kinfest group, we met so many people who like us were taking the same journey, the children made some good friends there, we decided that we would thank everyone by putting on an impromptu tea and cakes, we have now made it a tradition now to have tea and cake on Tuesday.  We have also made some lifelong friends and visit each other on a regular basis, For those of you with doubts, come and give it a go, we don’t judge and I promise you, you will go home wanting more, I love it xx”    

Kinship carer to 3 of her grandchildren

“Kinfest opened a whole new world up for me. Until I found these kinship groups I always felt so alone in my role as grandma raising my grandson alone. I had so many online kinship friends through this group and Kinfest was the best holiday experience ever. Meeting people for the 1st time face to face who I already classed as friends along with new friends was just what me and my grandson needed. It was like being away with family, everyone in the same boat with a different story to tell and each and every child gelled & looked out for one another my gs still talks about it now we absolutely loved it & for those that have never been to kinfest it’s definitely a holiday not to be missed xx”    

Kinship carer to her grandson

“This year will be the third kinfest I’ve been to with my granddaughter, it’s great to meet others in the same situation, x”  

Kinship carer to her granddaughter

“I can’t go to Kinfest this year but as someone who went just for the day last year, I can say what a lovely atmosphere it was. So many happy faces and genuinely lovely people there. I’ll miss it this year.”  

Kinship carer to her grandaughter

“This will be our first kinfest. And we are really looking forward to it. Meeting other kin carers and there families. Yayy”  

kinship carer to her granddaughters (one of whom has disabilities)

“We went last year and were apprehensive as we’re not very social anymore. Having been abandoned by our so called friends x several years ago. We thoroughly enjoyed it. We never felt pressured into joining in if we didn’t feel up to it. We made some good friends and got to meet those from the group we had got to know well. The girls would have had a fantastic time if gramps had let them have a bit more freedom. But all the kids together got on fabulously xx The events arranged by admins we’re brilliant xx Despite the weather the BBQ was a big hit. As was Patsy n Paul’s Cream tea. Circus skills Just sorry we aren’t going this year xx All those going have a wonderful time x”  

Kinship carer to her twin granddaughters

“When you book you pay deposit and can pay monthly on the phone with your reference no as long as it is paid for six weeks before due to go , its a great way of spreading the cost as well.”  

Kinship carer to her 3 grandchildren

“Certainly helped us have our first holiday in 7 years.”

 Kinship carer to her granddaughters

“When we first told our lo that we were going to be going on holiday with other kinship children, he burst into tears and his actual words were ‘you mean there are other children like me?’ He honestly thought that his situation was unique and that he was the only one. He made some fabulous friends on the holiday and so did we. Friends who understand; and that’s invaluable.”

Kinship carer to her niece and nephew

“We are booked into Butlins Monday to Friday supported by Lincoln Football Club! Hoping to catch up with kin folk it will be our first time we have never had a familly holiday before feeling brave eek”  

kinship carer

“I’m looking forward to our family winning Laura’s trophy again. Anybody brave enough to take on the challenge?”